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SNATZ is a personalized news discovery experience, delivering the latest in tech-related news. We help you discover the articles that you want to read from your PC, tablet or smartphone, without the intensive searching.

Start by reading the latest technology news on our Trending page. To experience the full power of SNATZ, register and connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. If you're migrating from a standard newsreader, you can also import your subscriptions by uploading an OPML or XML file, or an exported ZIP file.

Why We Built SNATZ

As technology news consumers ourselves, we were unsatisfied with the existing options available. On the one hand, traditional RSS readers were overwhelming, leading to information overload; on the other, many personalized news services felt too narrow, focusing too much on one type of news. What if we could do one better, and create a service that delivered tech news covering a broader, yet still interesting, range of topics? The cherry on top: tailoring it to the individual reader.

Meet Our Team

Tomonori Takihi CEO / President

Tom Takihi
CEO / President

Tom is a successful entrepreneur in Japan with over 15 years of experience in the web industry. One of the leading search marketers in Japan, his interest has now shifted from "search" to "discovery". Tom is a popular blogger and has authored two books on RSS. He currently resides in Singapore, and loves boating with his family on weekends.

Slawa Gorobets CTO

Slawa Gorobets

Slawa founded his first IT consulting company at the age of 17, moving on to publish one of the Ukraine's first computer magazines. He now focuses on web development and heads SNATZ's development team. A popular blogger and journalist in the Ukraine's IT industry, Slawa is also a volunteer ecologist who loves to make the world cleaner and better.

Lorraine Marie Nepomuceno Marketing Manager

Lorraine Marie Nepomuceno
Marketing Manager

Previously a print journalist and magazine editor, Lorraine has been working online for over a decade, with extensive background in web design and programming, infographic production, mobile app development, and social community building. She has worked on several large-scale web projects spanning various industries, and her work has been featured in several publications, including Forbes and Mashable. She also bakes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

Gennady Baranov Developer

Gennady Baranov

Gennady, who is responsible for developing our search and data processing system, is a technical and management director, senior applied engineer, and architect-creator of search system engine with many complex algorithms, data processing structures, networking and another solutions. He loves his work more than anything!

Pavel Yakovlev Developer

Pavel Yakovlev

With a lifetime acquiring experience in software development and internet services, Pavel is an expert in data mining, cluster analysis and collaborative filtering solutions. He is fully responsible for SNATZ’s intelligence algorithms, allowing our system to make the best recommendations for you.

Tomoko Nakajima Designer

Tomoko Nakajima

Tomoko brings over 10 years of web design experience with her, and is a masterful coder who loves to play with ActionScript, jQuery and HTML5 for building interactive websites. She loves spending time with her cat, and going trekking on weekends with her partner.

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