November 21, 2014 12:01
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Nov 21, 2014

In a significant move for the mobile advertising industry, Apple and retargeting leader AdRoll have announced a partnership that will see AdRoll providing its retargeting and programmatic buying capability for iAd. In addition, Apple enable advertisers to target potential customers more...

Many of you HTC One M8 Google Play edition owners likely woke up this morning excited to take the wrapper off of Android 5.0 Lollipop as HTC told us to circle today's date on our calendars, but it looks like you won't be able to enjoy that tasty treat just yet. HTC VP of product more...

I've recently taken some time out of saving the world and romancing elves in Dragon Age: Inquisition to finally fire up Far Cry 4. With both games released on the same day, and both receiving high praise, it can be hard to know which one to pick up and start [..]

Android App Updates – Nov 21st, 2014: Twitter, Swiftkey, Google Keep, WhatsApp, Amazon, Motorola Camera, Nook Audio Books

Twitter Adds DM Tweeting. Twitter has just recently updated their app yesterday to now allow users the ability to tweet in Direct Messages. This gives users the ability to now share a tweet privately where prior to this update anytime you would retweet something it would become public. This new DM tweet capability allows for private conversations about specific tweets involving you and the person you send the message to. To start sharing tweets privately, just long press a specific tweet in the official Twitter app and select share via Direct Message. Swiftkey Gets Material With New Keyboard Themes. If Swiftkey is your third more...

Chronos updates Greeting Card Shop for Yosemite to version 2.0

Chronos has released Greeting Card Shop 2.0, an update of the app that lets you create greeting cards, invitations, and accompanying envelopes on Mac OS X Yosemite. read more.

PS4 and Xbox One selling 73pc higher than preceding console’s first-year performance

The Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One are selling at a significantly higher rate than the preceding consoles did in their more...

Eyes-on with Streaming Photoshop: Adobe’s plan to bring PS to the cloud

We have seen Photoshop work in a browser, and it looked pretty good." Streaming Photoshop" is Adobe and Google's plan to bring the incomparable photo editor to Chrome OS and the Chrome Browser. We covered the original announcement, but we were recently given the chance to talk to Adobe about the project and see it actually working in a Chrome browser. "Streaming Photoshop" is a Chrome App that you download from the Chrome store (provided you are whitelisted). The app opens in a window that looks just like a local version of Photoshop—there's no browser UI of any kind. Photoshop lives on a computer in the cloud, and a video feed of it more...

Moleskine Smart Notebook Converts Sketches to Vector Files in Adobe Creative Cloud

The new Moleskine Smart Notebook takes paper drawings to the next level as it digitizes sketches to Vector files editable in Adobe more...

Hone Your Rock Paper Scissors Skills Against This Robot

If you've ever gave up first possession at football or first dibs on something because you lost at rock paper scissors, here's a way to practice without anything at stake (except your pride). Read more.

Space Station Rarity: 2 Women on Long-Term Crew

Space station rarity: 2 women on long-term crew with launch of Italy's 1st female astronaut.

Baidu’s Andrew Ng on Deep Learning and Innovation in Silicon Valley

In an interview, Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng discussed his team's progress, the quirks of Chinese Web-search queries, the challenges of driverless cars and what it's like to work for Baidu.


Obama's Immigration Tweaks Leave Big Tech Wanting More

Silicon Valley representatives are disappointed his immigration rule changes will not satisfy longstanding demands for more visas and faster green cards.

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