April 28, 2017 07:00
April 28, 2017 07:00
Apr 28, 2017

Apple is expected to introduce wireless charging with the iPhone 8 later this year. However, a new patent application from the company envisions a future where the iPhone and other electronic devices can be charged using a Wi-Fi router. Continue reading

Although Google Maps is one of the company's most popular services, it definitely isn't the most profitable one. Speaking to a Wall Street analyst, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai, confirmed the search giant's plans to start generating more money with Maps. Well, sort of. When asked about the more...

Should Destiny players still grinding out the Age of Triumph record book or just getting into the game go hunt down Xûr in the tower this weekend? The mysterious vendor has a decent collection of Exotic pieces for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, but nothing to get too excited about. Xûr can be more...

Apple Watch 2

Update: Small tweaks have come to the Apple Watch 2 that could make a big difference to how you use it- third party apps can now be controlled by Siri (and therefore your voice) too. You want to know two things about the Apple Watch 2 (or Apple Watch Series 2 if we're being picky): is it a big enough upgrade to beat the first Watch, and has Apple done enough to make a smartwatch a necessity, rather than just a novel luxury? Well, Apple's brought a lot of the tech upgrades we wanted: with the Watch 2 you're getting a new water-resistant design, a GPS chip on board for tracking your runs, a swim tracker and a much faster processor. There's a more...

A robot that picks apples? Replacing humans worries some

At least two companies are rushing to get robotic fruit-picking machines to market, and the owners of some of Washington state's orchards say they're hopeful the machines will help them address longstanding labor shortages.

Russian prosecutors seek 3½ years for 'Pokemon Go' blogger

Russian prosecutors requested a 3½ year prison sentence Friday for a blogger charged with inciting religious hatred for playing "Pokemon Go" in a church.

Put Your Headlines To Work: 4 Tips For Better Blog Titles

Did you know that in the world of blogging, 80 percent of your site visitors read your headline but only 20 percent read the article attached? That's right – you’re losing most of your readership well before the first paragraph, and that's a serious problem. Your headlines aren't doing their work and if you want to carry visitors into the heart of your site, you need to make a change. The question is, "What makes a good headline?" Obviously, most of us don't want to run clickbait on our professional websites, yet there is something appealing about Buzzfeed or Upworthy style headlines. They draw reader attention and transition them into more...

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