September 20, 2014 08:01
September 20, 2014 08:01
Sept 20, 2014

If you thought Samsung had forgotten about the Galaxy S5 after the unveiling of the Note 4, well, you were wrong! Startling figures reveal that Samsung has managed to sell a massive one million units of its current flagship (until the Note 4 goes on sale, of course), the Galaxy S5, in more...

Curve Studios is bringing its indie puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone to the PlayStation 4 "soon" Available as a cross-buy title, the game will be free of cost to those who picked it up for the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita last year. The developer wrote: It's great to be able to more...

Just a few hours after Roger Goodell's cringeworthy press conference attempting to address the NFL's domestic abuse, discipline and credibility criss, two ESPN reporters published damning story that appears to destroy any credibility the Baltimore Ravens or NFL may have had surrounding their more...

Some of the Tokyo Game Show's Best Cosplay

It's the Tokyo Game Show. Know what that means? Gamers are gathering to play games. And where there are Japanese gamers, there is usually cosplay. Read more.

SpaceX supply run to space station delayed by rain

Rainy weather has forced SpaceX to delay its latest supply run to the International Space Station.


Xbox chief promises to bring 'Minecraft' to Windows Phone

With a simple "yes," Microsoft's Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, has confirmed that Minecraft will be heading to Windows Phone. It's more...

The 3D Printed Laptop Is Real, Uses Raspberry Pi Insides – Gallery

Ever heard of the Pi-top? Well, you're about to, because it's a really cool critter, if I do say so myself. Admittedly, anything based on the Raspberry Pi tends to be on the awesome side, but that's not the only reason this time. What you see in the attached photos is a 3D printed laptop. That's right, apparently it's already possible to 3D print mobile PCs. Granted, the circuits all come with the Raspberry Pi credit card-sized computer, since 3D printing of complex electronics is still comp.( read more)

Career Zoo: Interview with Alex Duell, Dropbox

Cloud storage company Dropbox sees Ireland as one of the most exciting tech hubs in the world, Alex Duell, recruitment co-ordinator for Dropbox, more...

iCloud Drive For Windows Users Now Available To Download

Apple's iCloud couldn't exactly be categorized in any of the cloud storage options and we certainly wont consider it to be a direct competitor of platforms such as Box, Google Drive etc. The iCloud.

This Week in Content Marketing: Was Apple’s U2 Giveaway Creepy or Smart?

PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. In this episode, Robert and I more...

Why You Probably Don’t Want to Pay Extra for a Faster CPU in Your Laptop or Tablet

When you buy a new laptop or tablet, you will often be able to "customize" it by paying extra for a faster CPU. But this may not be a good idea — the higher-end CPU might be a worse fit for the device! Click Here to Continue Reading.

Why the Kindle Remains Amazon's Champion and This Is Unlikely to Change

This week was a very busy week for Amazon, that pushed out a bunch of new products and updated versions of current devices. Accused of neglecting more...

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