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Oct 01, 2014

If you use the Kids sections in the App Store for finding appropriate apps for children, you might want to be careful until Apple fixes a bug that's currently displaying the wrong apps for kids. Specifically, the "Kids" category under the App Store's Top Charts section is currently more...

The Weather Channel is continuing its practice of unilaterally naming winter storms, which it began doing two winters ago. The list of storm names for the upcoming winter came out on Wednesday, and they're awful. Naming any type of storm without the endorsement of the National more...

While some segment of the internet is still coming down off its yearly collective iPhone launch apoplexy, another big phone looks like it might be poised to make big headlines. Turns out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a surprise bonus feature — it can double as a business card more...

Samsung Is Launching a Premium Smartphone Family Instead of Improving Galaxy S’ Design

Samsung has become infamous for its inability to improve on its flagship smartphones’ design. Since Galaxy S II was launched on the market back in 2011, there were no major changes concerning the Galaxy S series. Sales of the last two flagship handsets, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 have been much lower than expected and one of the reasons is design. Even if the South Korean company changed the plastic covering the battery, the Galaxy S phones basically look the same, even if they have diff.( read more)

Mondelez Strikes Global Video Ad Deal With Google

Candy and snacks giant Mondelez International has agreed to a "substantial global advertising commitment" with Google as part of more...

Sony Xperia Z3 heading to Canada starting on October 31

Sony has today announced plans to launch the Xperia Z3 in Canada on October 31, with support from Bell, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, more...

Open Gmail Images in Google Drive Viewer

Gmail now treats embedded images just like image attachments. You can mouse over an image and click "Download" and "Save to Drive" or you can click the image to open it in the Google Drive viewer, which has additional features like printing, Google+ sharing, zooming, opening the file in a Google Drive app and more. It's also great for opening the image in full-screen mode. You can use the arrow buttons or press right/left arrow keys to open the next/previous image. "Similar to attachments, you can now click on large images within a message to see them full-screen in Gmail on the web," informs Google. It didn't work for a 384 x 103 image and a 266 x 210 image, while it worked for a 300 x 153 image. I assume that the minimum image size required is 300 x 150.{ Thanks, Herin Maru

Shazam Windows Phone apps updated with new Cortana support

The Windows Phone versions of the music and media discovery app Shazam got news update today that includes access to Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1 for the first time.

LinkedIn Flexes Its Search Engine Muscle, Adds College-Finding Tools For Students

Last year, LinkedIn widened the net for potential users when it started to allow high schoolers to more...

Matchstick Is A $25 Streaming Stick Based On Firefox OS With Chromecast Compatibility, Currently Blowing Up On Kickstarter

Hardware Kickstarters are a risky business, but the makers of Matchstick have the hardware all nailed down. This is a streaming stick similar to more...

Pressure is on: eBay needs to deliver after PayPal's spin-off

The split is a logical progression for PayPal, but eBay needs to show that it's also a smart decision for its core e-commerce business as Amazon lures away sellers.

Part Incubator, Part Private Club, Blade Wants to Electrify Boston's Buzzy Startup Scene

Kayak founder Paul English is seeking to electrify Boston's startup scene with his new venture, Blade.

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